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Senators re-sign Chris Wideman

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One year, two-way deal for the blue liner.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Ottawa Senators have announced the re-signing of Chris Wideman to a one year, two-way contract. It's a very budget-friendly deal at the NHL level, at $600k.  At the AHL level, however, it's a budget buster at $400k.

Wideman was set to become a Group VI UFA after not playing enough NHL games to remain a RFA at his age and number of pro seasons.  This makes it pretty impressive that the Sens have managed to sign him to a two-way deal. He was widely expected to end up somewhere else with an immediate spot available for him at the NHL level.

His 61 points this past season in the AHL were made all the more impressive by the team around him, and were second only to Shane Prince in Bingo.  He also led the team in assists with 42.  It was a good enough season to earn him the Eddie Shore Award - the AHL equivalent to the Norris.

Wideman came in at 23rd on our most recent Top 25 Under 25 list - a ranking that would have been likely to go up significantly this off-season if he were still under 25.

He is not waiver-exempt at this point, though the high AHL salary may also be a way to make the contract a bit less palatable on the waiver wire.