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Ottawa Senators Pick Christian Jaros 139th Overall

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A quick intro to Ottawa's fifth-round pick from the 2015 NHL Entry Draft


In the fifth round of the draft, the Senators took Slovakian denfenceman Christian Jaros. Here's a look at his career so far:

Too low to appear in TSN's rankings or McKeen's rankings, he made it at 159th on Hockey's Future rankings. He's quite big, listed at 6'3" and 205 lbs, and will likely continue to grow into his body. Mobility and hockey sense are listed as strengths. Scouts are very praising of his gap control. He seems to play aggressively on defence. He has been known to use his stick effectively, but can be abandon the right play to lay a big hit. Confident in carrying the puck, and uses his size and speed to make it tough to take the puck from him. His lead pass is strong, and is very reliable in leading or supporting the transition. His shot could use some work in becoming a true two-way threat. Additionally, he shoots right, which has become important today in the NHL.