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Robin Lehner and David Legwand Traded to Buffalo

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Ottawa to get Buffalo's spare first round pick in return

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

We all knew that the three-headed beast created by Hammond's run and subsequent signing couldn't continue for long, and we've got our answer.  The deal was broken by - who else - Bob MacKenzie this morning:

The Senators didn't quite get the pick and player they were originally hoping for, but they did get to shed the $3m cap hit and roster spot being taken up by David Legwand in the deal.  Getting a second first round pick on top of that, even a late one, is a pretty great return for a goaltender.

No word on if there is any retained salary, but  if there isn't the move more than doubles Ottawa's available cap space.  Good news for the remaining free agent negotiations.

There's still going to be lots of hand-wringing among fans over if Lehner was the right goalie to move (especially with him going to a divisional rival) but this is a better return than I think most were expecting for either goaltender and it clears up a mess that needed to be dealt with.

One added piece of icing on this - the Senators open the 2015-16 season against the Sabres in Buffalo.