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Andrew Hammond Signed to 3 Year Deal

Contract carries an average annual value of $1.35M

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

That's one off-season goaltending question answered.

The $1.35m cap hit breaks down to $1.2m in 2015-16, $1.35m in 16-17 and $1.5m in 17-18 in terms of payout. It is backup money, albeit a little on the high end of that range. No word on any no-trade or no-move clauses.

We all know what Hammond did this season - he kick-started the miracle run with spectacular play during the Western road trip, finished with a 20-1-2 record and a .941 SV%.  While his play declined towards the end of the season, it was still largely solid.  The spectre of regression may be lurking around a corner, but if that happens it's a manageable contract.

The big question now becomes who goes out of Anderson and Lehner, when, and for what.