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Silver Nuggets: Does Hammond's run change anything?

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Is this Ottawa's goaltending duo next season?
Is this Ottawa's goaltending duo next season?
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of talk recently about the Sens goaltending situation. Let's be clear: I don't think the Sens are in a bad position. They have a number one goaltender (Craig Anderson), a highly-touted 23 year old who has the chance to be a number one (Robin Lehner), and a 27 year old rookie who just the SECOND goaltender in the last 75 years to allow 2 or fewer goals in each of his first 8 starts (Andrew Hammond), the other being Martin Jones for LA last year. The key for the Senators now is to decide: is Andrew Hammond the real deal?

There has been a ton of reports that the Senators were open to moving Anderson or Lehner before the deadline - this from Elliotte Friedman's 30 thoughts column, but were scared that they didn't have the goaltending depth to follow it up just in case on got injured. As Bryan Murray always says (speaking from experience), it's good to have two number one goaltenders:

14. The goalie market this summer is going to be fascinating. It's no secret Ottawa planned to make some kind of Craig Anderson/Robin Lehner decision. Lehner's disappointing season muddles that because they can't be certain he's a full-time starter. And, what does his performance do to his trade value?

Andrew Hammond's sudden surge adds an interesting variable. This is too small a sample size to make any sweeping judgments, but, if you're the Senators, which one do you try to trade? If Anderson gets you the most, will you go into 2015-16 with a Hammond/Lehner combo?

However, should a hot stretch from Andrew Hammond warrant the Senators trading one of their two highly touted tenders, especially given his NCAA and AHL numbers to this point (see below) weren't anything spectacular?

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From Jeff, who's watched Hammond directly for two seasons (linked column in the Nuggets):

This season in Binghamton, Hammond has struggled with inconsistencies as he had flashes of brilliance but seems to lose his confidence somehow along the way, with a record of 7-13-2 and a 3.51 GAA, along with a SV% of 0.898, hardly anything to brag about. But to his defense, Binghamton is scattered throughout the league with the highest shots allowed, as well as goals, as victims to a rather porous defensive line-up which is more naturally geared leaning towards the offense sides of things.

It's not uncommon for goaltenders who aren't NHL calibre to go on hot runs only to fade back down to Earth, and this is why many, including myself, hold the "goaltenders are voodoo" mentality, where their career numbers are taken into consideration with their age to try and project what their performance will look like in the future. This projection will be key for the Senators, as a trade of Anderson or Lehner can significantly alter the direction of the franchise.

What do you think they should do?


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