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10 Signs You Have Hamburglar Fever

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The latest craze to sweep the nation's capital, Hamburglar Fever is catching. Check out our 10 Signs of Hamburglar Fever and see where you rank on the burger scale.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Do you find yourself excited at the prospect of the playoffs? Do you crave burgers when you hear the name "Andrew"? Are you recalling your 80s childhood? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please keep reading and see how burning your Hamburglar Fever is. Keep track of the number of questions you answer "yes" to and see what fever level you rank on the poll!

10) You've spent much of the last few weeks watching old McDonald's ads on YouTube. You've learned some valuable information like how the Hamburglar got his stripes

9) You've made at least one "Hamburger > chicken" in reference when arguing who should start in goal for the Sens
8) You've increased your trips to fast food restaurants fivefold during the streak
7) You've set you love for Andrew Hammond to music

6) You don't wait for Dave Cameron to approach you for advice, you bring divine intervention to him
5) You find yourself saying "robble robble" whenever anyone mentions Ottawa's playoff chances
4) Your twitter name includes some variation of "Hammond" or "Hamburglar"

3) You wonder, with great urgency, how the hamburger stayed together

2) You've posted a picture of your burger online

...maybe more than once

And the number one sign you have Hamburglar Fever is...

1) You've thrown a hamburger on the CTC ice