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Weekly Question: The Real Deal?

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This week's Weekly Question asked what more Andrew Hammond needs to do to prove himself at the NHL level.

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Andrew Hammond's improbable start to his NHL career has taken Sens fans by storm and catapulted Ottawa back into the playoff race. He's 9-0-1 in his first 10 NHL starts and has created something of a controversy by forcing the now-healthy Craig Anderson to remain on the bench.

Today's Weekly Question asks: What does Andrew Hammond have to do to prove he's a legitimate NHL starter?


Hammonds incredible run should be enough to silence any critics. He is yet to lose a game in regulation and his 95.4  SV % is more than enough to conclude that he's here to stay at the NHL level.

Get the Senators into the Playoffs

Things have been great, but at this point it's just a streak, and goalies sometimes get white hot. If Hammond can carry the Senators into the playoffs, he'll have gone on an amazing run over the last quarter of the season - a much bigger sample size to evaluate him.

Be on an NHL roster on Opening Night 2015

It's been a nice run, but at this point Hammond is still a rookie with dreadful AHL numbers and a lack of success at lower levels. As we've seen at times this season, the Senators are willing to roll with a 1a/1b situation in goal. To prove himself, Hammond needs to start next season in the NHL.

Permanently displace a starter

The only way to really prove you're a legitimate NHL starter is to permanently displace an established one. If Hammond can take the bulk of starts away from a guy like Craig Anderson or other proven NHL starter, he'll have really arrived.