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The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast - Episode 26

Has Jared Cowen turned his back on the only person who truly loves him?


Have you heard about Jared Cowen recently? Calling out his coach and general manager over his recent benching? I mean, I guess you can do that when you're playing as well as he's - wait, he's not? Well that tears it!

We get to the bottom of Jared Cowen's recent comments, and ask a few other questions along the way - what's up with Matt Puempel? Is Curtis Lazar a goon now? Is it possible to enjoy watching a team win when they're being outshot?

Oh, and we've got a special guest, but you'll have to tune in to find out who! And remember, if you like the show, check out the archives and subscribe via RSS or iTunes!