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Open Thread: Habs at Sens

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An open thread to discuss the goings-on as the Sens host the Habs in their last pre-season game.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Note that TSN5 will be airing the moment of silence for Max Keeping that will be part of the pre-game ceremonies.

Some thoughts:

  • The Sens are basically icing their opening night roster (though not necessarily lineup), while the Habs left Carey Price, P.K. Subban, Andrei Markov and Alexander Semin in Montreal.
  • Hopefully the skaters have a much better night than they did on Thursday - no Price to take advantage of
  • Matt O'Connor is getting the start tonight - a sign that he might get into a regular season game? Sens have two back to backs (four games) in the two week time frame that Hammond is expected to be out.
  • No Prince or Puempel dressed. Guess the decision on 22 vs 23 is already made?
  • Wasn't Mark Fraser waived? Guess they never actually sent him down, since he's playing tonight.
  • Wiercioch-Karlsson! Yay!
  • Wideman-Ceci! Could work!
  • Fraser-Boroweicki! I... might be wishing for Cowen-Boro before the game is over.