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Marc Methot Diagnosed with Concussion

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It came out that Methot's "flu-like symptoms" were much more serious.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Ottawa Senators have been dealt another serious injury blow. In addition to Clarke MacArthur's concussion, it has come out that Marc Methot is also suffering from a concussion.

As you may remember, Methot was a last-minute scratch in Saturday's game against the Predators with what were described as "flu-like symptoms". Turns out those symptoms were from a concussion. It's not entirely clear when the concussion occurred.

Most worrying has to be that the team is already planning for Methot's return by Saturday. If the team doesn't know when Methot's concussion occurred, it's possible that he played a couple games with it. It's most important the team lets him recover to 100% before bringing him back to play. MacArthur's issue with recurring concussion symptoms should lead to more caution.

From a hockey perspective though, the loss of Methot will be tough to overcome. Mark Borowiecki was Erik Karlsson's partner on Saturday, but he's hardly top-pairing material. Ottawa's thin blue line will be a lot thinner while Methot recovers.