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Sterling Predictions: Jared Cowen vs. Chris Wideman

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The staff predict which is more likely: Cowen playing 60 games, or Wideman playing 30.

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Jared Cowen seems to be getting another last chance from management despite another lacklustre year. Wideman might be getting his first chance at the NHL despite being last year's AHL defenceman of the year. Which is more likely: Cowen plays 60 games or Wideman plays 30? Bonus: how many will each play?

Trevor: Although the team always talks about Cowen's potential, there has to be a limit to how much leeway he has. I think Wideman will make an impact, and Cowen will not improve his game so it's more likely that Wideman plays 30 games. Cowen: 45 GP (then traded), Wideman: 66 GP.

Ary: Although I think his time may almost be up in Ottawa, I think Cowen plays 60+ games in the NHL this year as a stay-at-home defenseman. I’ll go with Cowen getting 64 and Wideman getting 27.

Peter: I think it's more likely that Cowen plays 60 games. In fact, I'm going to predict that Cowen will play 79 games this season, and Wideman only 12 or so.

Richard: I think Cowen gets his chance this year and improves enough to continue to frustrate the fan-base while also barely satisfying management. He won’t play up to his contract, but he’ll be in the lineup. The caveat here is that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Cowen miss more than 20 between injury or scratches, so I’ll have to pick Wideman for this one. Wideman gets 40 games and Cowen plays 52.

Ross: I don't know if I see either happening, but I'll pick Wideman for 30 games. With Phillips injured, one other injury pretty much guarantees Wideman a spot. I'll say Cowen gets 54 games, and Wideman gets exactly 30.

Callum: I think both will play above their respective objectives. For one, management seems like they’re going to push Cowen until he breaks this year, and as for Wideman, I think he’ll be pushing Mark Borowiecki consistently out of the lineup come December

Michaela: I feel like management is serious when they say they are giving Cowen another shot. They are going to give him all the opportunity they can, so I think he will see plenty of games this season. Cowen will play 70 games, Wideman will get 25.

Ian: I think both will happen actually,Cowen will play 61 games while Wideman will suit up for 38 games.

B_T: Wideman playing 30+.  Wideman plays 37 games, Cowen plays 52.

Adnan: Bryan Murray doesn't seem willing to give up on Cowen but if Wiercioch stays in the lineup then it is between Cowen, Wideman and Borowiecki to split 164 games. I think Cowen is more likely to play 60 than Wideman is to play 30 so I will go with Cowen playing 70 and Wideman playing 20.