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Colin Greening Clears Waivers

Unclaimed, the winger is headed to Binghamton in the AHL.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

In what has to come as a surprise to no one, Senators winger Colin Greening has cleared waivers:

After about a year on the trade block, the fact that he went unclaimed can't come as a surprise to the Senators. As B_T stated in his post yesterday, this is probably the first step in the process to buy Greening out in June:

the only real benefit to the Senators is the active roster position.  There will be some cap hit savings - $925k pro-rated for this season and $950k in each of the remaining two years - but the Senators are hardly pushing the cap, and the full salary is still paid to the player so there are no financial savings.  Based on that I doubt Greening makes it out of the buyout window at the end of June as a member of the Senators organization.

This move was less to clear cap space and more about freeing up a spot on the 23-man roster. This was simply the easiest way to do it now that all eight defensemen on the NHL roster are healthy. Which means Mark Borowiecki is healthy after a nasty leg laceration: