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Media Round-Up: Start of Training Camp Edition

With training camp beginning today, many players had an opportunity to chat with members of the local media. Here's a collection of today's quotes.

Richard Wolowicz

We're back!

Training camp has started! Today was primarily a medical testing and media day for the Senators and as such, a few interesting tidbits came out in the press.

Marc Methot on his contract status:

We took the day off from discussing Bobby Ryan's personal finances to discuss Methot's. Given that a minor storm broke yesterday about both players' UFA status it makes sense for Methot to leave all future contract talk to his agent. It may make things less interesting for the media, but it makes the most sense for the player.

Dr. Crusher's Sick Bay Report:

It's good to hear Zibanejad's mystery injury to close out the 2013-14 season has healed, although I still want to know what exactly was bothering the young forward, especially given his injury history. Also good to know that everyone else starts camp healthy (take that, Pittsburgh).

Paul MacLean on team performance issues:

Well, he's not wrong. I'm not sure that a focused training camp will fix this issue, but it's a start.

MacLean on line combinations:

Great, but I'm more interested in if they'll be together during the season or if one (probably Ryan) is paired with Zibanejad to balance Ottawa's attack.

And for those who care: