Impressions from Dev Camp

Watching guys do complex drills has some value in testing guys skill. It gives some clue about how a guy will react in scoring positions. I grant you that it is limited, but it's another way of watching prospects.

There were three guys that stood way out from the rest, and one of them was a big surprise. I'll keep you in suspense.

It was no surprise that Cody Ceci stood out among the dmen. He did not miss the net in any of the shooting drills, while I ended up dodging pucks with a lot of the others even though the glass went up about 12 feet.

The other man among boys was Curtis Lazar, who just does everything with such speed that he is impressive beyond his age and development. Changing directions with the puck and getting a shot away with lightning speed is a skill that separates top six guys from the rest.

The surprise of the day was Ben Harpur who is not only huge but he can play with the puck.

The most impressive new forward is Shane Eiserman who has some nice finish and is really good with the puck.

The most impressive new dman is between Englund and Wikstrand.

And the best undrafted long shot is Van Stralen who I hope gets offered a contract but probably won't.

The guy I feel most sorry for is Puempel who has a lot of skill but just isn't big enough.

The most unimpressive big guy was Robinson, who I thought was going to be close and he doesn't look like it.

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