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Which is more likely: Erik Karlsson versus Kyle Turris

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Continuing with this series, today's feature compares arguably the Senators two best players.

Ezra Shaw

Which is more likely...

Erik Karlsson gets at least 85 points or that Kyle Turris gets at least 65 points.

The NHL's best defenceman has come close to a point per game in his last two full seasons, with 78 points in 2011-2012 and 74 points in 2013-2014. It doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that the mid-70s are his true offensive talent level and that he could push 85 points in a season with a bit of luck. However, the loss of Jason Spezza will likely be felt the most in the offensive department both during 5-on-5 and on the power play. That would directly impact Karlsson's point totals.

Turris on the other hand set a career high with 58 points last season, the first time he has ever even had 30 points in a season, although he was around a 50 points pace over 82 games in his first two seasons with Ottawa. With Jason Spezza gone, Turris should see an increase in his power play ice time as well as the quality of teammates on the power play, namely Karlsson. On the other hand, opposition goalies had an 89.4 save percentage with Turris on the ice last season, and an increase in that should drive Turris' points totals down.

Which of the two scenarios do you think is more likely? Vote in the poll below and give your reasoning for why you think so!