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Your Say: Jean-Gabriel Pageau

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We've given out our grades. Now it's your turn!


We've finished our player grades for the 2014 season, but that was just 11 people talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. Now it's time for our readers to cast their votes. And with that in mind, we present our Your Say series!

The final Your Say entry is Jean-Gabriel Pageau. A recap:

It’s safe to say that Pageau’s spring run and postseason heroics in 2013 set some lofty expectations for the player going into this season. It’s also safe to say he had a hard time living up to them. He started the season with Ottawa, but after a difficult October was sent down to Bingo. He was recalled in December and spent another month with the big team before being sent down again. Recalled on March 31 for the second time, he finished the season with the Sens, having quietly played 28 games. He recorded just two goals and played sheltered minutes. In fact, with the exception of Matt Kassian and Derek Grant, Pageau averaged the least TOI/G (10:14) of any Senator.

Highest grade: C+

Lowest grade: F