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Spezza Doesn't Like Country Music, Won't Waive NTC for Nashville

Update on the Jason Spezza situation from Day 2 of the NHL Draft in Philadelphia.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy day in Philadelphia for the Senators and not just because Ottawa finally got to draft some players. Sens GM Bryan Murray was anxiously working the phones for another day, trying to find the right return package and destination for his captain, Jason Spezza.

Unlike yesterday, Murray batted .500 on the day. He indicated to members of the media that he had two good deals in place, but that Spezza would not agree to the move.

Bryan Murray has successfully used this strategy (working out deals with teams on a player's no trade list) before and it wasn't really successful. I understand you want to get the best possible return for your star player and Murray has indicated that Spezza might be a bit more flexible on his list than some, but this is a dangerous game. Frustration quickly mounts on both sides, especially with only one side leaking information.

What's the end game here? To ensure the player will relent and agree to a team he's previously indicated he doesn't want to play for because the environment has become too toxic in Ottawa?

Despite his earlier interest, Nashville GM David Poile is having none of it.

With the draft over, the focus now shifts to July 1. While things feel increasingly negative on the Spezza front, once Paul Stastny signs, the Spezza market will look clearer.