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Silver Nuggets: What's the main issue plaguing the Ottawa Senators?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the entire Senators - Red Wings game last night, you should have witnessed the thing that pisses coaches off the most: inconsistent play. The Senators started the game strong, but their play started to fall off and led to a number of poor penalties. It took until the third period, when the Red Wings were up three goals, for the Senators to start to carry play, but I think that may have to do with the fact that the Red Wings could take their foot off the gas. It's been shown that when teams are up a number of goals in the third period, they usually hold back, and that made the game closer than it should have been.

What I'm here to ask all of you is centered around the reasons for the Senators inconsistent play. Is it personnel (players aren't talented enough)? Player usage? The high-event system that Paul MacLean likes to play? Is it due to strong opponents?

Let me know what you think in the poll and the comments below, and I'll choose some thoughts to expand on for Friday.


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