Teams with defensive liabilities in the top six don't win

Unfortunately I don't get to participate here much anymore because I only have read-only access from work.

I did want to put in my two cents to close the chapter on the Spezza trade with an observation or two. Spezza continues to shine offensively, but it appears that he did not learn a thing from all of his years here, as he continues to be a defensive liability... albeit he now does it in anonymity. And his team is not winning with him well into the minuses YET AGAIN.

The best teams have all around strength down the middle which means 200 foot strength. The Getzlafs and the Toews of the world are worth the big bucks, and the defensive liabilities are not. Players at this level are very capable of playing well defensively. They just need to have coaches that will settle for nothing less.

When Brett Hull arrived on a Scotty Bowman coached team, he only knew how to skate in one direction. After he figured out that if he wouldn't play defence, he wouldn't play, he became a much harder to play against player.

So in retrospect, I like our team better now.

Spezza's best years where when he had Superman Alfy patrolling his wing and playing third man high and covering up for all the times Jason got lost behind the other team's net. Now in Dallas, they can't find anyone to play with him (an exaggeration perhaps, but the thing is is that what they are doing is not working). So they are trying to put together a super line. Does that sound familiar?

Now if we could just get Ryan to put some effort into his defensive play....

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