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Sterling Predictions: Most Likely to be Traded

The seventh in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks which player is most likely on his way out.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Which Senator is most likely to be traded during the 2014-15 season? Why?

Mrs. O: Bobby Ryan is the most likely to be traded because he won't re-sign. (Editor's note: this answer was submitted on September 22 and at the time most Sens fans would have agreed)

Sheer Craziness: Most likely to be traded is Eric Gryba. The Sens have a logjam on defense, and have to trade someone. Gryba and Borowiecki I think are seen as pretty much the same players by the organization, but Borocop is a local boy, and Gryba has more of an NHL resume so is more likely to garner something via trade.

Peter: I think it'll be a defenceman, and I'll say Marc Methot since the team is still on an internal budget and re-signing a high-scoring guy like Bobby Ryan is better for marketing purposes than re-signing a defensive defenceman like Methot, even if the latter is a hometown boy. Since the team can't likely sign both, I think they'll focus on Ryan.

Ian: I think Marc Methot is most likely to be traded. With 8 NHL defencemen, others pushing for a shot with the big club (Fredrik Claesson), and difficult contract negotiations, I wouldn't be surprised that they would have to pull the trigger on a trade to send him elsewhere.

B_T: Gryba. Too many d and he's the most tradable of the depth guys.

Michaela: If Bryan Murray can find someone to take him: Colin Greening. Eric Gryba is also a pretty good possibility, with Ottawa's blue line being so crowded.

Adnan: David Legwand because Paul MacLean will likely prefer to play Zack Smith in a lot more than fourth line minutes.

Nkb: Sadly I think Patrick Wiercioch is mostly likely to be out the door. After a lot of posturing, Sens' management will cave to both Ryan and Methot to avoid losing any more high profile players.

Ary: non-UFA? Colin Greening or Mike Hoffman :( There was some interest in Greening last season (EDM?) and I think that he'll generate a bit more offense this season, allowing a team to take a bite on him and the Senators to give a younger player his ice-time. Hoffman may be traded if he starts off slow, as some team will take a flyer on him.

UFA to be? Marc Methot. I know that he wants to stay in Ottawa (for $5M) and even though the team has a number of (worse) players on defense, I still think Methot has the most value of them.

Amelia: Patrick Wiercioch. While Bobby Ryan and Mark Methot have pending UFA status hanging over their heads, Bryan Murray has shown a reluctance to part with key players before the deadline in the past. The pair also has salaries that are harder to take on mid-season than the more economical Wiercioch. There's still a logjam on the blue line and Wiercioch is a cheaper option with upside.