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Sterling Predictions: Jason Spezza's Return

The fifth in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks about Jason Spezza's return to Ottawa.

Hey, haters!
Hey, haters!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

How will Jason Spezza be treated by fans when he returns to the Canadian Tire Centre?

Mrs. O: He'll be treated fine. He'll have mostly cheers but some boos as well.

Sheer Craziness: Loud cheering. Fans don't begrudge Spezza anything at this point. If the Stars are in a playoff spot, and the Sens aren't, we might even get the chance to hear people cheer for Spezza and boo the Sens.

Peter: A standing ovation at the introduction, then a spattering of cheers or boos when he touches the puck during the game.

Ian: It won't be as warm a welcome as Alfie, but it won't be a sour welcoming. He'll get a standing ovation and a few fans will boo him whenever he touches the puck. It would definitely make it easier if Chiasson is ripping it up for the first half of the season.

B_T: There will be some boos, but overall I think he'll be treated well.

Michaela: Considering some booed him while he was still in Ottawa, I expect there to be a mix of cheers and boos, with an emphasis on boos. In a perfect world, fans would treat him with a little more respect.

Adnan: Jason Spezza will get a standing ovation.

Nkb: Spezza will be cheered during the intros, booed when he scores on the power play and cheered when he has a giveaway at the blue line that allows the Sens to tie the game late. Fans will remain divided on his legacy.

Amelia: The majority of fans will cheer Spezza when he returns to Ottawa, but there will be a spattering of boos which will persist throughout the game.

Ary: Despite his mixed treatment by this fan base, Giggles has provided us with some great moments and will receive a standing-O during the first TV timeout. I still think he'll be booed when he touches the puck, especially on the PP, and will be extremely motivated to score.