2014 Olympics Open Thread


As an American, I don't really care much about the Olympics. I've said this many times. And it's not sour grapes. I just don't need to define my national pride by succeeding at a game my country invented. Because we've got the nukes.

Also, the television schedule for curling is BULLCRAP.

But, look, I do want to watch Erik Karlsson play hockey on an ice surface where no one is going to be able to get close enough to hit him. I want to watch Karlsson play with Oliver Eckman-Larsson--those two are the pairing I'd pick to play on the Olympic ice surface if I could choose from every available hockey player.

We're still going to have plenty of Senators-related stuff coming up over the next two weeks (including a special OLYMPIC EDITION of Ups and Downs), but if you want to talk about the goings on in Sochi, spill your guts here.

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