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Sterling Predictions: Trade Bait

This year's Prediction Panel, where the Silver Seven staff blatantly attempt to make guessing look like foresight, continues!

Z. Smith's ability to not give a crap makes him attractive to literally everyone. In the world.
Z. Smith's ability to not give a crap makes him attractive to literally everyone. In the world.
Marc DesRosiers-US PRESSWIRE

The team's depth logjam has been discussed ad nauseum. We all expect the team to move bodies to try and clear it up, but what happens come March 5th--after the Olympic Break--when the trade deadline hits? Will the team still be looking to move players if they don't get anything more than a rental? With 15 players reaching restricted free agent status next offseason, will the team choose to simply let some of them walk away for nothing? Will they be willing to pull the trigger and part with a bigger pending unrestricted free agent like Milan Michalek or Chris Phillips?

Who is most likely to get moved at the trade deadline? That's right, no cheap Da Costa answer opportunities!

Amelia: Zack Smith will get traded to Edmonton at the deadline for a 2nd round pick.

Mark: It's not who, but what. We're trading a 2nd rounder to upgrade Joe Corvo.

Adnan: Since we will be buyers, we will not trade any players around the deadline. We will trade our 2nd round pick as always though.

Bonk's Mullet: I'm with Gord. We made so many moves in the off-season that moving anyone out at the deadline seems unlikely. I'd say there's an outside shot of Zack Smith for a young d-man though if Corvo Corvos.

Peter: It's not likely to be Craig Anderson, because the Senators will want two very good goaltenders heading into the playoffs even if Robin Lehner comes out and becomes the number one. It could be someone like Milan Michalek, since he's on an expiring contract, but he'll either be injured or a critical part of the team's offence so I doubt it. More likely, someone like Joe Corvo might join another team as an offensive catalyst from the blue line, since the Senators may not need his offence in the post-season.

Dave: Milan Michalek. He's on his last year of his deal, and will get paid next year, and yet the Senators don't look to be big spenders. A team may want him out west for a little speed and scoring punch down the stretch, and with a bevy of young talented wingers in the system, it may be time to move on.

Ryan (live from Scandinavia): Z. Smith. With all the centers and Chris Neil, plus an extension for Greening, my prediction is Neil as odd man out.

Darren: Nobody. [ed note: Garrulous answer.]

It's pretty clear we're guessing on this one. Prediction Panel doesn't offer up softball questions!