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Summer Satire Friday!

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Undaunted, we press on.

Is Jim O'Brien better than PK Subban? Of course!
Is Jim O'Brien better than PK Subban? Of course!
Richard Wolowicz

Here's how Summer Satire Friday works: In the comments section below, you make up a story idea you'd like to see. Whichever has the most recs come the following Wednesday, we'll write up as if it's an actual article. You don't need to submit more than a headline, but if you want to include what you think the article should be about, feel free. And then we'll take it from there. Want us to write about why the Senators should trade for Matt Cooke? Go to town.

This is totally up to your imaginations, so go wild and we'll go wild as a result, but certain levels of vulgarity and obscenity will get ignored for obvious reasons regardless of how recommended they are. This could be a bust or it could be fun. Let's see what you've got!

Last week's most-rec'd can be found here. What will this week's be?