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Your Say: Chris Phillips

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The Silver Seven staff have given out their grades. Now it's your turn!

"Skate... WITH the puck?"
"Skate... WITH the puck?"
Phillip MacCallum

We finished our player grades for the 2013 season on Friday, but that was just nine jerks talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. So, we figured why not give our readers a chance to cast their votes? And with that in mind, we present our Your say series!

Chris Phillips Recap


After spending the lockout being the Beer Baron of Bytown, Chris Phillips had a decent season. While he'd struggled in recent seasons, Phillips seems to have found his game again under Paul MacLean and has turned into the perfect third-pairing defenceman. Phillips did tend to struggle when presented with more minutes, which is something fans in Ottawa are used to seeing. What they weren't used to was offence: Big Game Chris scored five goals, tying his mark from last year in just over half the number of games.

He was the only defenceman to play every game this season.

Highest grade: B+
Lowest grade: C

What did you think of Chris Phillips' season?