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Silver Nuggets: Great Expectations

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So, Bobby Ryan is pretty good, huh?

This probably isn't going to fly with Sens fans.
This probably isn't going to fly with Sens fans.
Jeff Gross

Would you like some insider information?

Too bad, you're going to hear it anyway. Yesterday, Adnan suggested that we talk about expectations this summer, similar to what we're doing with the Your Say series. We may or may not do that (I can't imagine people want to vote on how many points Chris Neil will score) but I unabashedly stole that idea for today's Nuggets. IN YOUR FACE, ADNAN.

Would you like some more insider information?

Okay: This isn't the first idea I stole from Adnan. It won't be the last, either.

Anyway, the story so far goes that Bobby Ryan was playing behind better players in Anaheim and that kept his numbers down. In Ottawa, he's going to get top-line minutes and top power-play minutes. He's going to play alongside Jason Spezza and have the most dynamic defenseman in the game, Erik Karlsson, setting him up. So, the sky is the limit. Unless he fails. I wrote that he was a loser for the weekend if he failed to live up to those expectations. He's certainly being set up to succeed, but he still has to, you know, actually succeed.

Personally, I think he will, but the question I have today is exactly what constitutes success. It's unlikely, but possible, that Ryan returns the first line to the days of 100-point players. We know Jason Spezza can get there. We don't know if Ryan can get there. It will be fun to find out. I have a number that constitutes success in my head. What's yours?

Sens Links

  • Varada says the Senators are better after the dust has settled, and makes the argument that we should be comparing Ryan to Jakob Silfverberg and Clarke MacArthur to Daniel Alfredsson. [WTYKY]
  • Meanwhile, at development camp, Jean-Gabriel Pageau is there to show everyone what's up and how far hard work can take you. [Senators Extra]
  • Mark Borowiecki has been re-signed to a two-year, two-way deal. BOROCOP 2. [Senators]
  • Joe Corvo says he's going to be cool this tour of duty with Ottawa. He even jokes he'll fight Kyle Turris to wear #7. [SE]
  • The prospects went outdoors one day for development camp. Tim Boyle describes capsizing as "going in hot." I hope that's not what Bobby Ryan meant. [Senators]
  • Fredrik Claesson won this year's "hardest worker" in development camp. He, and several other prospects, are coming along nicely. [SE]

NHL Links

  • Alex Burmistrov went back to the KHL, and not getting along with his coach was part of it. Shouldn't have just held out for a trade to San Jose? [Winnipeg Sun]
  • The New York Rangers have signed Carl Hagelin to a new deal. I love this deal. Hagelin should do well out from under John Tortorella. [Katie Strang]
  • The Colorado Avalanche have signed Nathan MacKinnon to the rookie maximum ELC. I'm so jealous. [Denver Post]
  • Justin Beiber disrespected the Chicago Blackhawks logo, or whatever. I'm more upset that he touched the Cup without winning it. [Puck Daddy]