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Your say: Erik Condra

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The Silver Seven staff have given out their grades. Now it's your turn!

Don't worry, the 'C' stands for Condra.
Don't worry, the 'C' stands for Condra.
Claus Andersen

We finished our player grades for the 2013 season on Friday, but that was just nine jerks talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. So, we figured why not give our readers a chance to cast their votes? And with that in mind, we present our Your say series!

Erik Condra Recap


Erik Condra has Chris Kelly syndrome (née Sergei Zholtok syndrome, then Antoine Vermette syndrome). He has ridiculous speed, creates incredible opportunities for himself, and then nothing happens. If Condra could score on his self-generated breakouts, he'd be an extraordinarily valuable player. Instead he'll have to settle for being very valuable. Condra looked dynamite with Jean-Gabriel Pageau late in the season and has quickly become one of the best bottom-six forwards on the Ottawa Senators.

Highest grade: A-
Lowest grade: B

What did you think Erik Condra's season?