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Silver Nuggets: The Karlsson Tease

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Erik Karlsson, the new King of Twitter, has been teasing fans of the Ottawa Senators today. Could he make his triumphant return.

All hail.
All hail.
Justin K. Aller

I begin by simply allowing you to view the following tweet

Hmmm.. and if you follow this link you may start to get the feeling that this...

and this...

...might mean the return of Ottawa's most important and talented player in one of the biggest games of the season. Not convinced? Allow Sherlock Young to give one more piece of evidence:

Boom. Thats what they had Jared Cowen do the night he came back. (Note: by the time this is published, the truth will be out, that these were the signs, or this was the biggest tease ever).

So what does it mean? Well, let us not fool ourselves, it means two things for sure:

  1. We do not have our Norris Trophy d-man back. He hasn't played hockey in 10 weeks. He's just returned from a VERY serious injury, and is nowhere near where he was before the injury and...
  2. He's still the best d-man in the lineup tonight.

I wrote yesterday about the scoring woes of the Ottawa Senators. It is no secret that a MAJOR factor has been the horribly inept powerplay. Sitting at 20th in the league at 16.6%, it has been MUCH worse than that of late. One would have to think Karlsson's creativity and ability to shoot the puck (and to get it on net...looking at you Chris Phillips, Sergei Gonchar and Jared Cowen!) will help a powerplay that is desperately in need of a spark.

Hell, having an offensively minded right handed shooting d-man back in the lineup ought to do wonders for the power play, just by providing a different look.

It is hard not to get your hopes up, and important to remember he probably cannot come in a be a saviour.

But then again, he wasn't even supposed to play this year, so I guess crazier things have happened.


Sens Links:

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Go Sens, and Go Karlsson

*As I was typing this post, it has become official.