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Erik Karlsson injury: Karlsson practices with Ottawa Senators

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Injured Ottawa Senators defenceman IS PRACTICING WITH THE TEAM.

This just blew up Twitter...


Erik Karlsson is practicing alongside Mike Lundin on what is obviously a pairing not expected to play next game, but the mere fact that he's skating with the team and (perhaps) poised to return before the regular season is over is incredible.

According to Syl. St-Laurent, today's team photo day, so Karlsson was in full equipment anyway--he decided to stick around and take part in practice. He wasn't wearing a non-contact jersey, either, so it was a full-fledged skate (although I doubt his teammates were finishing checks on him).

It was less than a week ago that Karlsson started skating in full equipment. Although he's an incredible physical specimen, it remains a concern that he's trying to push his body a little too hard in order to return before season's end.

Still, it was incredible to think he'd make a return in time for the playoffs; if he's ready to go with a few regular season games left on the schedule, it will be a good opportunity to see just how effective he can be in advance of the much more spirited and intense playoff action.