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Win a free ticket to Senators last home of the season against the Flyers

Do you want a free ticket to the Senators/Flyers game on 27 April 213?

Two soft European seen hugging here.
Two soft European seen hugging here.

Here is the deal: I like soft hockey. I like European players that play on the perimeter. Do you feel the same way? Can you pretend to feel the same way in exchange for going to a hockey game with people you have never met before?

We will have 16 other people from the blog or friends of the blog going to the game. I will award one free ticket to the best FanPost describing the virtues of skilled players. Here are some things I might be looking for:


  • Soft players, or small players.
  • Fast players.
  • European players.
  • Drop passes, taking offensive risks. Trying to deke through a defence.
  • Being selfish.
  • Alex Kovalev.


  • Tough or gritty player.
  • Good guy in the locker room.
  • Good character guy or a heart-and-soul guy.
  • Guy that wants to win more than others.
  • Someone that drives the net
  • A player that chooses to dump the puck instead of trying to skate and gain the zone.
  • Chris Neil.

The tickets will be in section 323 near the back. Entries will be judged based on how much I judge you to genuinely appreciate soft, perimeter hockey. Please enter with a well thought out FanPost and not simply a reply to this post. If you didn't read through to the end here, chances are you won't win.