Should We or Shouldn't We?

Of course it depends on what comes back in return. I know that!!! But I'm really interested in what you'd do if they gave you the big bucks to make the decisions. Would you trade for a dman?... two dmen? Trade for a forward? Two forwards? A fighter? Would you trade for draft picks? Who would you trade? Who would you go after? If you got exactly what you wanted in return, who or what pick(s) that you don't want to trade would you stretch yourself and give up?

Would you sit tight with what we have? Let's assume Jason is back in 2 weeks time, and Latendresse and the Eric(k)s are out for the season. I don't want to influence you so I'll wait to tell you my answers to the question.

Ahhh, to Hell with it, I'd trade Bishop and Noesen and Stone for Columbus' first pick. I wouldn't give up Zibby or Wiercoch or Ceci. Rather not give up Greening but I would in Stone's place for that pick. Then I'd trade Gonchar to the Pens for a third rounder OR while I was at it with the Pans, I'd see what they want besides Gonchar for Simon Despres or Olli Maata. This is not a move for now, but for next year, because I like these guys. Then I'd talk to Perry and Perry's agent in a room with Jason Spezza, and ask them to wait for the summer, and offer them $7.5 a year for 6 years. Then I'd trade Columbus' first round pick to whoever gets the 3rd pick for their pick, and their second rounder and take Jonathan Drouin. Then with Perry and Drouin added to our top six, and Lehner, all would be well in Sensland.

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