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Poll: Decide Ryan's Horrible Jersey

These are dark times in Senators land. Two of the three best players are likely out for the season, other injuries keep piling up, and Paul MacLean's doppelgänger is nowhere to be found. In times like these, a little schadenfreude can always make you feel better. And that's where you come in.

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Mon Dieu!
Mon Dieu!

Thanks to the charity of Adnan, I have acquired a horrible relic from horrible times: a black SENS third jersey.

They were so beautiful, weren't they?

I jokingly said that I should get a name and number on the back that properly represents just how bad that jersey was, and just how dark that 2008-09 to 2010-11 era felt. A few of us on Twitter threw around some names, and then it hit me:

We could all use some cheering up right now, couldn't we?

And so your task, dear reader, is to help me pick a name for the back of my new third jersey. We've nailed it down to eight choices, and your vote will help decide which player will be hung in my closet alongside a pair of Alfredsson jerseys, and yes, occasionally even worn out in public.

So here's the deal: once the vote is complete, the jersey will be sent off to the fine folks at Ice Jerseys for customization. Within 3-6 weeks I'll have a brand new jersey of whichever player you all pick. And yes, this poll is binding. Whichever player wins, I'm stuck with. And there will be photo proof.

Poll closes at 10:00pm on Saturday, February 16, 2013.