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Silver Nuggets: Sense of Loss

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We've lost more than one fan favourite over the years.

We know who these 2 would both vote for
We know who these 2 would both vote for
Gail Oskin

Tonight, Senators fans will get a good dose of salt rubbed in their off-season wounds. And that's the best case scenario. We will be reminded of what we lost, and there is no avoiding it. But it's not the first time we've seen our team face a beloved former player on the ice, even if this is the worst one yet. There have been a few others that have cut deep.

Zdeno Chara

#33 / Defenseman / Boston Bruins



Mar 18, 1977

Zdeno Chara only spent four seasons with the Senators, but the big man with the blistering slapshot made a lasting impression on fans in Ottawa. When it came down to choosing between him and Wade Redden, hindsight is pretty clear that the team made the wrong choice. The reception fans gave him at the 2012 All-Star Game was on par with that given to active Senators players participating, only being dwarfed by... well, you know who. Chara is the only one on this list not to have been drafted by the Senators.

Marian Hossa

#81 / Right Wing / Chicago Blackhawks



Jan 12, 1979

Marian Hossa spent seven seasons with the Senators, before being moved to Atlanta in the trade that brought Dany Heatley to Ottawa. He lead the team in scoring in his last 2 seasons, and during the second deepest playoff run in franchise history. He filled the scoring void after Yashin left, and was far less of a jerk about it.

Mike Fisher

#12 / Center / Nashville Predators



Jun 05, 1980

Mike Fisher never had the on-ice success of Chara or Hossa, but was certainly another fan favourite. Ten full seasons and part of an eleventh, he seemed to have a determined air about him in just about every game he played. Off the ice, he was probably the most active player in the community the Senators have ever had. I hear tell that he was "dreamy" as well. His goodbye letter to Sens fans was icing on the cake.

All in all, there are 262 former Senators players. Other than Alfie, who do you miss the most?

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