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Silver Nuggets: Questions on the Conferences

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The new schedule has been officially announced, and with it the reality of no inter-conference games. This should certainly help cut down on travel, and should help out some rivalries, but which conference benefits?

Things can get crazy out west
Things can get crazy out west
Jeff Gross

Since the announcement of the end of the lockout, I'm proud to say our site has kicked it into high gear with an astonishing number of high quality articles every day. So many, that its hard to keep up and link them for all! It also means that with the number of opinion and analysis articles we have going on here, I intend (for the next little while) to turn the Nuggets back into a place of questioning and debate!

So, each day I will pose a simple question, help get some of the arguments started, put together the links of the day and let you have at it in the comment section. Kind of like WIML from this summer that was so popular.

So, the question I have for you beautiful people today is: Which conference has a the advantage of only playing within the conferences? Maybe its not just a conference with an advantage, but one or two teams? Let's here your thoughts, but first here are some things to consider.

West: Has traditionally been the less flashy, grittier conference. In a shortened schedule, that could result in more injuries to key players. However, outside of the Vancouver Canucks and maybe the defending champion Kings, there aren't a lot of high end teams out West these days.

East: East will certainly have less traveling to do this season, but with mammoths like the Rangers, Penguins and Flyers to name a few, the middle of the pack teams in the East will find it much harder to pick up points on a nightly basis. Think about what a tough season the Islanders are in for, despite the expectation that they should have a better team this year.

So, have at it!

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