Full Ottawa Senators 2013 home schedule leaked

Although not yet officially released, the Ottawa Senators 24-game home schedule for the 2013 season has been leaked.

It looks like we've got our first look at the full Ottawa Senators' home schedule for the 2013 season:


A few things immediately stand out:

  • The Sens will play three home games against the Toronto Maple Leafs, which means they're likely one of the divisional opponents Ottawa will play five times in the season.
  • A previously-leaked Montreal Canadiens home schedule included just two games in Montreal (Feb. 3 and March 13), and this schedule has two home games against them, so the Sens will play either Boston or Buffalo five times this season.
  • There is a looooong road trip from March 30 until April 16, due in large part to the Women's Hockey Championships (April 2-9, 2013), a Harlem Globetrotters event (April 11), and a Billy Talent concert (April 12).
  • Two home games against the Jets mean the Sens only travel to Winnipeg once.
  • There are no Friday night games, but six Saturday night games.
  • Florida and Tampa Bay only come to Ottawa once, so the Sens will travel to their venues twice; this seems like a mutually beneficial trade-off, since the Lightning and Panthers are usually weak draws in Ottawa while the Sens may be a good draw in that state (snowbirds and what-not).
  • Washington (and Alex Ovechkin) and Pittsburgh (and Sidney Crosby) both come to Ottawa twice, so the Sens' home schedule is really, really friendly attendance-wise for the team. Toronto three times, Montreal twice, Washington twice, Pittsburgh twice, and Winnipeg twice represent nearly half of the team's home games, and they'll all be at or near capacity.
  • Daniel Alfredsson's last career game in Ottawa could, potentially be against the Philadelphia Flyers.

That's what I noticed about the schedule, anyway. Anything stand out to you?

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