Who's Gonna Score Our Goals This Year?

Last year, I struggled to predict how we were going to get over 200 goals from our lineup, and to my wonderful surprise, we ended up with 249. So I went through the lineup including players I think will get some games and not play a full season, and I added up who's going to get how many.

These predictions include all of the regulars playing 82 games, and that isn't going to happen so I'll talk about the injury factor at the end, and then ask for your impressions.

This is strictly goals scored. So here we go:

Spezza 35

Michalek 38

Silfverberg 16

Turris 24

Latendresse 14

Alfie: 20

Smith 12

*Greening 15

Neil 12

Regin 14

JOB 10

Condra 5

Z'jad 2

Stone 2

Other 4

Karlsson 25

Methot 6

Phillips 4

Gonchar 5

Lundin 2

Cowen 6

Borowiecki 2

Total 273

I figure we will lose about 10% of these totals through injury which means an adjusted total of 273 - 27 = 246. What this equates to is pretty much the same total in goal scoring as last year.

The improvement will have to come in the Goals Against area, but that's another subject all together.

* To be honest with you the guy I had the hardest time deciding was Greening. I believe he will bust out on his newfound third line role, and keep pace killing all the stuff that says his goals last year came only because he was playing with Spezza so much.

Who do you think will score more, or who do you think will score less than I predicted, or even better make up a chart of your own if you feel up to it? What else is there to do before TC starts?

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