I hate comparing players... but Coots / Z'jad...

I was looking at the Flyers Sbnation page and reflecting on Coutourier or Coots as they call him. I really hate comparing players because the labels we stamp on players make it so difficult for guys to grow and add to their skill level, because they have such a hard time working over top of that label.

We chose to draft Zibanejad over Coots, and now Coots is set to move into their top six, and Z'jad is still in early development stage, and I'd be surprised if he makes the team this year. I'd just love to see Z'jad dominate even at the AHL level. With the emergence of Turris, there is no rush for Z'jad to be our 2nd line Center now.

I wonder how the rest of you view his emergence. I was frankly disappointed by what I saw at both this year's Dev camp and our last Dev camp as well. It seems like he is just getting started getting acclimated to our game, and I wonder how long it will take him to develop.

What do you think besides that we need to have alot of patience?

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