Development Camp

I was able to take in the scrimmage and most of the 3 on 3 tournament this year at the development camp. Those are the two days I try not to miss every year.

Here are a few of my player observations:

Ceci - Thought he was one of the best players on the ice during scrimmage although I was pretty focused on him. He has so much poise with the puck and knows where to go with it all the time. He was paired with Borroweicki and when they were on the ice together play was mostly in the other end. Very good at walking the line and opening up lanes for the shot like Karlsson but in talking briefly with Tim Murray he said he would like to see him walk the line by bringing the puck to the middle of the ice instead of keeping it by the boards. That's an easy coaching thing and I believe in watching him he COULD play in the NHL this year since he is physically mature. I say give him one more season to dominate and play world juniors and he will be Gonchar's replacement in our top 4 next year.

Sdao - He caught my eye two development camps ago and I was disappointed not to see him last year due to having surgery or an operation in the summer. For a guy that was picked in the last round, I believe we might have something hear. All you have to do is Youtube him to see what type of an enforcer he was in the USHL. Last season he had 10 goals for Princeton from the back end and apparently led the league in that area. He goes about 6'4 and over 200 lbs and has a big time shot. He can skate and has decent hands and hockey sense. To be honest, I thought he was better in the scrimmage 2 years ago but the competition level at camp has really gone up and he was still very good in my opinion. His work ethic and drive along with his skills is what caught my eye to years ago and it is interesting that he was runner up for hardest working player this year which went to Borroweicki again. I believe he has one more year left at Princeton before making the jump.

Noesen - Thought he was the best player on his team during the scrimmage. Looks confident out there and had the puck on his stick a lot more than say Zibanejad did. Looks like a real power forward who doesn't mind going to the dirty areas and doesn't shy away from contact. Has a powerful stride and soft hands with some nice moves. I always think back to when we drafted him and they compared him to Maxim Lapierre.....Bad comparison since I could really see him being a top 2 line player if he keeps progressing. Should be fun to watch this year in the OHL and hopefully the world juniors.

My surprise of camp this year was Max McCormick. He stood out for me in both the scrimmage and 3 on 3 because of how hard he was on the puck. Not the biggest guy but seemed pretty strong as like Noesen was good at battling and keeping pucks in the corners. Was very hard on the forecheck and relentless all over the ice and created chances. He was a late round pick last year who who had a very good freshman season at Ohio State and made the All-Rookie team. He is a guy I will be keeping my eye on in the future as a potential bottom two line type of guy.

I could keep going on but I'm going to call it quits for now. I like reading other people's observations so I thought I'd share mine. If you are curious about any other players let me know but other guys that impressed were Prince, Hoffman, Borroweicki and Lehner off the top of my head.

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