The Price for Foligno Just Went Up!

It's frightening to see that David Jones just signed for $16 million over four years.

Foligno is not exactly Jones' equal on the goalscoring sheet but I can just imagine the conversation between BM and Foligno's agent, "What? Jones and Foligno just had the same points total and you are offering him what??? Please call me back when you have a serious offer."

I understand the difference between Foligno's RFA status and Jones' UFA status, and that the Sens only have to offer a 10% raise because they own Foligno for another year... but why would Foligno accept this kind of thing when he could get alot more from probably 12 other teams now if he were dealt?

I guess ultimately this is the kind of choice that an underpaid player in his RFA season has.

Also, granted that the Avs don't score alot of goals, so Jones' 20 goals after a 27 goal season seems like alot to them, but I find the trend of how much a guy like this can command is frightening. I mean Yikes... Twenty goals is only three more goals than Greening scored last year.

Is this really what a 20 goal scorer is worth now? Or are the Avs just overpaying because they figure he's on his way to 30 goals a year?

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