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2012 NHL Entry Draft - Ottawa Senators open thread

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Everyone laughs because Nail Yakupov answering "<a href="" target="new">we win</a>" to every question is never going to get old.  Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE
Everyone laughs because Nail Yakupov answering "we win" to every question is never going to get old. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

So, how highly does draft day rank on your list of summer hockey events? It's got to be right up there; I'm not sure whether to rank it higher than Free Agent Frenzy Day/Canada Day, but it's a heck of a big day for the future of your favourite team.

For the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, the Ottawa Senators--at least as it stands right now--have seven selections to play with. Bryan Murray has never been one to shy away from big deals at the draft, and has made a big move in the first round for two years straight. Will be score a hat trick of big moves by making another one this year? Perhaps; there are no shortage of options.

After the jump is a few of those options, briefly discussed. Join us throughout the events to discuss everything that's bound to happen: The Maple Leafs trading their pick away, the Islanders making a mockery of the league, the Jets going completely off the board... you know, the usual.

Trade for player: We've talked about a few of the options: Jay Bouwmeester (article here), Niklas Hjalmarsson (article here), Rick Nash (article here), and Bobby Ryan are all names that have been circulating as possible draft-day blockbusters, and Dan Boyle has recently come up as another potentially movable piece (with those rumours, Boyle has jumped to the forefront of my most-wanted list).

Honestly, though, I don't expect one of these deals to happen. No matter what people say about the Senators' improving chances in the Nash Sweepstakes, I don't think Eugene Melnyk is ready to break the bank just yet. Still, we'll see, I guess.

Trade for pick: Ottawa's got a couple of players who could be on their way out in exchange for picks, but it seems more likely that Murray will try and bundle a couple of later picks (perhaps his two third-rounders) in order to get back into the second round--a round that's been friendly to Murray in recent history; each of Shane Prince, Jakob Silfverberg, Robin Lehner, and Patrick Wiercioch were second-round picks, and all look like probably NHLers.

It's also a distinct possibility that Murray will trade up or trade down from the current 15 spot.

Trade for prospect: Back in 2010, Murray surprised everyone by trading Ottawa's first-round pick to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for David Rundblad. There might not be prospects like him available this time around, but Murray always keeps his options open.

Draft a kid: Maybe Murray just does the predictable thing and drafts a player. Who knows? If he does, he's said it will be the best player available. Time will tell whether that 'best player' is a forward, defenceman, or goaltender. Will it be Sebastien Collberg, who we picked in the SB Nation mock draft? Maybe. Heck, maybe it will be one of the kids Bobby profiled:

If you're watching the draft, watch it with us! We'll be here, anyway.