Sens Draft Preview

I’m really itchy for the draft to happen already. I’ve been following the draft very closely for many years, and this year is VERY different from other years. Mock drafts are all over the place in terms of where players are ranked. Once the top three or four players are gone, the variations are very wide and varied up to the end of the first round. The Sens brass has said that there are 20 players on their “quality” list.

The expression “best player available” is all relative to the wide ranging opinions. With half of the first round possibilities being dmen makes it even more interesting because there are some teams whose philosphy is to not “waste” their top pick on a dman unless he is really exceptional.

That leaves a lot of opportunity for the Sens to shine, because we do our homework better than most. It also leaves a lot of opportunity for teams to have such wide varying opinions about players that there is a lot of possibility for movement of picks.

The Sens didn’t do too badly the last time they moved up and picked 15th. Karlsson turned out to be the biggest steal in many years.

Here are my predictions…that the Oilers will be predictable and take Yakupov, and worry about their defence later like they always do.

The Blue Jackets will trade down, maybe with the Leafs. I expect Burke to be very active in this draft trying to fix everything. The Habs will take Grigorenko or Galchenyuk whichever one is left.

The Islanders will probably do something stupid and pick someone ranked 45th or so. OK that’s exaggerated for effect… but the point is they’ll do something stupid.

After that the possibilities go very far off the board, leaving the Sens with an equal possibility of moving up or moving down to add a second rounder once they see where we are at after the Jets and Lightening make their picks at #9 and #10.

My hopes are that whatever else we do, we end up with Cody Ceci or Olli Maata. This fits with overall philosophy and shores up the defence… maybe not immediately but soon. Trying to fix things immediately will require a brigade of Brinks trucks this year.

I expect that BM will be after a Swedish or Euro defensive dman when we get to our third round picks, or that we’ll deal to add a second round pick to address that need.

What player would you like to have that you feel could still be around at #15? Or what player do you think we should move up to get?

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