Playoffs prediction competition: round one

Greetings to all. Just like last year, we are going to have a competition for predicting the winner of each series at the start of each round. The overall winner will get some sort of Sens related prize. The scoring is similar to last year with an additional bonus for predicting the cup champion.

  • 10 points if correctly predicting the winning team, but not the number of games.
  • 15 points if correctly predicting both the winning team and the number of games.
  • 40 points for predicting the Stanley Cup winner before the start of round one. This can be changed before round two, but then only 30 points for available. The last chance to change the pick is before the conference final, where 20 points are available for predicting the champion.

Click after the jump for the series. Please state your predictions in a new comment - do not reply to another comment.


1) New York Rangers versus 8) Ottawa Senators
2) Boston Bruins versus 7) Washington Capitals
3) Florida Panthers versus 6) New Jersey Devils
4) Pittsburgh Penguins versus 5) Philadelphia Flyers.

1) Vancouver Canucks versus 8) Los Angeles Kings
2) St. Louis Blues versus 7) San Jose Sharks
3) Phoenix Coyotes versus 6) Chicago Blackhawks
4) Nashville Predators versus 5) Detroit Red Wings

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