Lots of teams have "rebuilding envy"

Geez, what’s taking us so long? That’s what several teams are saying when they look at the Sens.

As I look at the season as a whole, there are so many positives. Spezza, Michalek, Greening, finding Turris, the surging Karlsson, refinding Kuba, Phillips and the development of Cowen, resolving the goalie conundrum, and so on.

Next year I count 20 forwards with possibilities of making the team, albeit some of them are only outside possibilities.

On the Left side there’s Michalek, Foligno, Smith, Daughavins and Klinkhammer.

On the Right side there’s Greening, Alfy, Silfverberg, Neil, Condra, Butler, Noesen and Stone.

In the middle, there’s Spezza, Turris, Z’jad, Regin, Winchester, O’Brien, and Filatov, and I guess Silfverberg could be a possibility as a center.

That’s a whole lot of possibilities, and we haven’t even counted anyone we will acquire if we do any dealing like for instance for a second line Left Winger.

I guess how different guys perform in the playoffs could go a long ways in determining how much chance they have making the team next year.

There are lots of questions to be answered and it all makes for a lot of excitement watching the Sens develop.

The defence has been talked about enough already.

Please join me in my prayers that we won’t have to play the Bruins.

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