There's alot to learn watching the Pens / Flyers

I just marvel at how these two organizations built their teams. Mostly I love how the Penguins are built. They handled goaltending in the draft. They handled offence by getting strong down the middle. Then they had the smarts to realize that they needed to get better defensively, and boy did they ever. They've come a long way since Hal Gill and Gonchar were their go to guys.

The Flyers took their time waking up to the fact that they needed top notch goaltreding, but they did what they had to and now they are where they are without Pronger. They rebuilt their forwards by getting rid of Carter and Richards, two pretty popular players. They were doormats a few years ago, and now look at them.

We took the first steps rebuilding properly shoring up the offence... then the goaltending. Now it's time to strengthen the defence if we want to be one of the contenders.

I hope we don't just build a defence that's only made up of offencemen. It will be interesting to see what develops this summer.

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