Diamond in the Rough

After reading an article by Mike Augello about the Leafs moving or keeping Nazem Kadri, my suspicions are confirmed that the Leafs are about to do something really stupid AGAIN... and trade Kadri, who IMO is a diamond in the rough.

Burke has made no secret that the organization is not a fan of developing players through the draft because it takes too long... so if they are going to get rid of Kadri, we should have open arms.

I believe that Kadri is another in a long line of mismanaged players in an organization that has no clue how to develop it's young players. So they overpay for the Komisareks and Steckels and wonder why there is no cap space for offensive players.

We were hot after Kadri during his draft year, and watching Kadri play about six or seven games this year convinced me that we could develop him into a superstar. All he needs is some good coaching in an organization that takes care of its players.

So I think that with the kind of desperation that is present in Toronto, we could pull off a deal that would be great for both teams and land a player that I think we would quickly develop into a top six player for years to come.

I sense that the Leafs are fed up waiting for Kadri to be a superstar and can be taken advantage of. They probably wouldn't ask for draft picks. A group of forwards would do the trick. At this point if they wanted Z'jad and Butler, I'd do it because I think that Kadri has way more offensive upside than Z'jad.

Z'jad will make a good third line center and penalty killer. The Leafs could take a shot at having him center their top line, and who knows? I'd even play around and try to get a depth dman from the Leafs in the process, as they have a surplus of dmen and a shortage of offensive forwards.

So Kadri at this point, is pretty much the Leaf's version of Kyle Turris... mismanaged and lacking confidence to reach his potential.

I believe that Turris will raise his level of offensive prowess next year, as Kadri would with this kind of an organization behind him.

With Kadri, Silfverberg, Turris and Stone next year we would have a second line that rocks, and would be more like a 1B kind of a line than a second line. Alfy could take his place on the third line and do powerplay, making our third line so much better.

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