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The Noon Number: 15

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15 - Points (five goals, 10 assists) for Daniel Alfredsson in 18 career regular-season games against the Anaheim Ducks, making him tops among current Senators for success against the Anaheim franchise. Alfredsson also has five points (four goals, one assist) in five career playoff games against Anaheim.

Second on the team in regular-season points against the once-Mighty Ducks is, unsurprisingly, Milan Michalek, who played most of his games against that team while with the San Jose Sharks. Michalek has scored 12 points (five goals, seven assists) in 30 regular-season games against Anaheim.

You might be able to guess who's third, but you might also be a little surprised by it: Filip Kuba has 10 points (three goals, seven assists) in 22 career regular-season games against Anaheim, mostly from his years spent playing with the Minnesota Wild.

Ottawa has an all-time regular-season record of 8-9-2 plus two ties against the Anaheim franchise.