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A quick thought on Alex Auld

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Alex Auld has made a career out of being a solid back-up goalie. The last time Alex Auld wore a Senators uniform, he put up 16 wins with a .911 SV% and a GAA of 2.47. Last season with the Montreal Canadiens, he had a .914 SV% and a 2.64 GAA.

This year, Auld has started just 6 games, has only 1 win, and has a career-worst .875 SV% and 3.73 GAA. He's bound to start playing like his old self again -- let's just hope it happens soon.

A good start might be, well, giving him a few more starts. Craig Anderson leads the league in shots against, is second in the league in time on ice and second in starts among goalies. Paul MacLean has to ensure that he doesn't wear out his starter before the playoffs, as the Sens will definitely need Andy in top form should they extend their season into April.