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Condra moving up to SC Riessersee of Germany's second tier pro league

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After dominating in third-tier German hockey, Erik Condra's been released by EV Füssen and signed with SC Riessersee of the second-tier league 2nd Eishockey-Bundesliga.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Since joining EV Füssen of Germany's third-tier Oberliga, Erik Condra notched eight goals and 11 assists for 19 points. Insane. So he's out of Oberliga and moving up to the second-tier Bundesliga to play with SC Riessersee.

Condra joins NHLers Matt D`Agostini and Rick DiPietro, both of whom are already playing with Riessersee--and despite the presence of three NHLers on their roster, Riessersee appears to be in last place. Condra may make his debut with the new team as early as tomorrow against EV Ravensburg.

Back to his time in tier three Füssen: Oddly, Füssen was just 3-4 in the games Condra played, and they were outscored 40-32 in those games (!). I can't track down game-by-game scoresheets, but I'm guessing Condra's offence was concentrated on two games in particular: A 9-2 win and a 10-7 loss.

But hey, at least we know Condra's staying in game shape during the lockout. That's a good sign, right?