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Silver Nuggets: Training camp story lines; Time to ban fighting

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Jared Cowen is one of many players hoping to make the big club this season. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Jared Cowen is one of many players hoping to make the big club this season. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
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Well, that's it everyone, summer is almost over. There was no better reminder than this morning when it was 12 degrees as I waited outside. In just four days, the Senators will be facing off against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins at the rookie tournament in Oshawa.

Here is a kind of heavy version of today's links, brought to you by mangoes, the official fruit of the Silver Nuggets. The summer was slow, so we had lost some sponsorship.

  • Different teams have different expectations at the start of the season. Vancouver is aiming for the cup, while Phoenix and Florida desperately need to make the playoffs to sell tickets. Ottawa, however doesn't have to be quite as desperate, due to a larger fan base. Their situation allows them to acquire younger talent and be able to take their lumps as they give them a chance to play. Still, I don't think that the goodwill will last indefinitely. (The 6th Sens)
  • Erik Condra enjoyed the Calder Cup championship last season and played a total of 104 games last season. This season he hopes to stay with Ottawa full time, he probably has a decent chance of doing so. (Observer & Eccentric)
  • Greg Smith looks at the Senators top prospects taking part in the rookie tournament. Mika Zibanejad is said to have the speed and quick shot to be able to play with men, will he make the NHL this season? Smith also feels that David Rundblad, Jared Cowen and Patrick Wiercioch all look imposing on the ice, with Wiercioch looking the best at the 3 on 3 tournament in the summer. (Our Home Town)
  • Mike Brophy sees the Senators in the hunt for the #1 overall seed pick. (Sportsnet)
  • Corey Locke, fresh of the AHL MVP, is hoping to get more games for Ottawa this season. I honestly don't see him getting more than 4-5 games. (
  • The first of two great articles arguing for the banning of fighting from hockey, pointing out that fighting is no longer an integral part of the game and is merely a dangerous distraction. In my opinion, it is pretty boring too, but blood sells I suppose. (Ottawa Citizen)
  • Damien Cox feels if Gary Bettman was the commissioner that ended up removing fighting from hockey, then he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I completely agree. (Toronto Star)
  • Another list of the top fifty fantasy players, with Alexander Ovechkin at #1 and no Senators in the list. (
  • Paul MacLean was on the Team 1200 this morning, and here is an audio link. (Part 1Part 2)
  • Also, Peter Raaymakers (that guy!) looks at the Ottawa Senators fantasy prospects. (Fantasy Hockey Scouts)