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Preseason game 1: Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs

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Preseason action starts tonight in Toronto, but I'd be hesitant to call it a Battle of Ontario -- the result doesn't matter and both teams are going to be icing lineups full of AHL- and junior-bound players.

Even though the result doesn't matter, it would be wrong to call it meaningless: for the large number of players on the fringe of making it to the NHL, these preseason games are some of the most important games of their season.

Tonight's line-up, according to TSN:

Filatov - Regin - Butler
Michalek - Zibanejad - Stone
Greening - Smith - Neil
Hoffman - Kenopka - Lessard

Kuba - Karlsson
Wiercioch - Conboy
Cowen - Rundblad


There are a number of inexperienced players in that line-up, particularly on the blueline. Given the relatively strong line-up that the Leafs are icing, the Senators have a pretty big challenge ahead of them for their first game of the preseason.

Some things to watch for:


  • Nikita Filatov in a Senators jersey.
  • Whether the off-season debate about the place of fights in the game has any effect on the pre-season. My guess? Not a chance -- just look at the Senators' lineup.
  • After both had down years due to injury, how do Filip Kuba and Milan Michalek fare in this game?
  • Mike Hoffman making great plays that are wasted on Zenon Kenopka and Francis Lessard (honestly, why is Hoffman playing on that line?)
  • Jared Cowen and David Rundblad as a pairing. Could this be a pairing we see throughout the season?

As always, join us in the comments before, during, and after the game!